Men's Guide to Divorce

Divorce is an emotional nightmare for everyone—even men.

I’ve seen countless men get run over by the legal system because they don’t understand how it really works.

Especially nice guys who “just want to get along.”

If you’re completely focused on “being helpful” you’re letting emotions override logic, which is a dangerous trap. Too many good men start the divorce process in “good faith”, only to find out their wife has outplayed them.

Don’t fall for your wife’s request for a “trial separation” and move out of the house.

Based on my many years of experience, too many men enter divorce playing checkers while their wives play poker (with the advice of her attorney, no doubt).

That’s why I created this free guide 20 Initial Questions About Divorce.” Shoot me your email and I’ll send you my free guide. Don’t worry–I won’t sell or share your email with anyone else. (I will definitely send you an email or two with a few more tips and strategies to get the best results in a divorce, however.)

Download the Free Men's Guide to Divorce:

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